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Goa: low participation rate in zilla panchayat polls, less than half exercises the franchise
India time | 19 hours ago | 17-10-2022 | 4:40 p.m.
India time
19 hours ago | 17-10-2022 | 4:40 p.m.

PANAJI: Only 45.66% of Goans exercised their right to vote in the by-elections to the three zilla panchayat seats of Davorlim, Cortalim and Reis Magos on Sunday. This is almost 10% less compared to the ZP elections in 48 constituencies which had recorded a participation rate of 56.82%. While the vote for the three constituencies ended on Sunday evening, the fate of 15 candidates – Reis Magos (4), Davorlim (7) and Cortalim (4) – in the running was sealed. The counting of votes will begin Tuesday at 8 a.m. There were no untoward incidents in the voting for the ZP by-elections, which were held along party lines. The constituency of Davorlim recorded the highest turnout with 50.52%, followed by Cortalim (45.07%) and Reis Magos (43.94%). Incidentally, the constituency of Davorlim has seen intense political activity compared to the other two. Former CM Digambar Kamat, who joined the ruling party along with seven others, campaigned for the BJP candidate as the party seeks to retain the seat. A political observer said that people in these constituencies might not have shown much enthusiasm to vote as there will not be much change as both North and South Goa ZP are ruled by the BJP. The three ZP seats of Reis Magos, Cortalim and Davorlim had become vacant after ZP members resigned to stand for election to the 2022 assembly in February. The seat of Reis Magos became vacant after ZP member Rupesh Naik resigned to stand for Assembly elections as an independent candidate for Saligao constituency, while the seat of Davorlim ZP became vacant after incumbent ZP member Ulhas Tuemkar was elected MP on the BJP ticket from Navelim constituency. In Cortalim, Anthony Vas, member of the ZP, was elected independent deputy.


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