Luxembourg fintech Riverbank launches digital loan application process for real estate sector


Advances in technology combined with customer expectations are changing the way the financial industry operates, especially lending services.

According to a report by Research & Markets, digital lenders could capture nearly half of the total lending market and disburse loans worth $350 billion (about 310 billion euros) by 2023.

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Digital lenders are poised to capitalize on the positive global sentiment that consumers and investors have towards fintech. And one of those companies is Riverbank.

Digitized loan process

river banka Luxembourg fintech, announces the launch of a fully digital loan application for advisers and intermediaries in the professional real estate sector.

Riverbank has called this digital proposal a “funnel” and says it is much faster than traditional application processes and offers tailored solutions.

The funnel process is intended for advisers representing their clients in the professional real estate sector, whether they are developers of real estate projects, SMEs with experience in real estate or private individuals.

With this platform, advisors can apply for loans between €750K and €5M with a maturity of one to seven years.

The company also provides applicants with access to a wide range of loans in terms of variety, from regular home loans to bridging loans, including renovation and (re)development of properties.

Since it is digital, a candidate can check their progress and edit each entry before final submission.

Robin Rinkes, Executive Committee Member and Head of Origination at RiverBank, said: “We are excited to launch this digital application process as we believe we can really help our partners with faster and more personalized funding services. . Our mission is to be the digital bank that facilitates the financing of SMEs and real estate professionals. This is exactly what the funnel does.

The digital proposal is now online in Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

Riverside: What you need to know

Founded in 2017, RiverBank is a specialized fintech lender committed to providing funds to small and medium-sized businesses.

The company aims to facilitate the financing of SMEs and real estate professionals in Europe. The company operates under a full and universal European banking license, providing a one-stop-shop approach across the EU.

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