Karnataka man sets fire to bank after loan application rejected


A man reportedly burned down a bank after his loan application was rejected in Haveri district of Karnataka. An article in India Today said the accused was identified as Wasim Hazaratsab Mulla, a resident of Rattihalli town. According to reports, Mulla had submitted an application for a loan from the Canara Bank branch located in Hedugonda village, under the jurisdiction of Kaginele police. The bank rejected his request as his CIBIL score was low, the India Today report added.

Angered by the rejection, the accused went to the bank branch on Sunday evening. He then smashed a window, spilled gasoline around the office and set it on fire. Passers-by noticed the smoke and alerted the police and fire department. Police told India Today that the fire caused damage worth Rs 12 lakh. Five computers, fans, lights, passbook printer, ticket counting machine, documents, CCTV cameras and ticket counters were destroyed.

According to ANI, the accused was arrested and a case was registered at Kaginelli Police Station under Sections 436, 477, 435 of the Indian Penal Code.

In another case involving a bank last Christmas, UK bank Santander mistakenly paid out a total of £130 million ($175 million) to customers on December 25. The total payout was spread across 75,000 transactions for around 2,000 business and commercial customers, Santander said. in a statement released Thursday. “We are sorry that due to a technical issue, some payments from our corporate customers were incorrectly duplicated to recipient accounts,” the statement read. “None of our customers have been left behind at any time and we will be working hard with many banks across the UK to recover duplicate transactions over the coming days.” Santander blamed the duplicate payments on a scheduling issue, which the bank said was “quickly identified and corrected”.

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