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And another frowning loan request has been submitted by Good Stays Hotel. Love News confirmed that the Social Security Board approved the loan of two hundred thousand dollars for capital expenditures. We asked Deborah Ruiz, CEO of SSB, if part of the process involved identifying the owner of Good Stays Hotel Limited.

Deborah Ruiz, CEO, Social Security Council: “The Good Stays app is already in place. In fact, they filed two applications. They made a request last year to expand the hotel they are doing. They asked for a swimming pool and a restaurant, and then they came back to look for capital to invest to buy what you would call equipment and all that to finalize the hotel. I understand the hotel is actually hiring staff right now, and they should open, if not this week, next week.

Journalist: In this case, does the SSB require to know exactly who owns Good Stays?

Deborah Ruiz, CEO, Social Security Council: “Part of the process is confirming registration, and that can be done through the registrar, and the payment is at least $5.00 to confirm who the directors are. So our investment services department would do all of these preliminary checks, these reputable letters, and all these things that you pay your taxes, and all of these things are routine that we check.


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