Free credit score on WhatsApp: check how to use this service with the Experian credit bureau


Having a good credit rating is essential to benefit from home and personal loans at cheaper rates. Now, customers can check their credit scores provided by Experian India on WhatsApp for free. Experian India is the first credit bureau to be licensed in India under the Credit Reporting Companies (Regulation) Act 2005.

On Wednesday, November 9, Experian announced a service that allows Indian customers to check their credit scores on WhatsApp for free. In a statement, Experian said it was the first time a credit bureau in India had offered such a service. Consumers can regularly check their Experian credit reports and easily monitor their credit portfolio.

The credit bureau said the initiative introduces a fast, secure and convenient way to access one’s Experian credit report anywhere, anytime. Consumers can check their Experian credit report, track any irregularities, immediately detect fraud and rebuild their credit score, giving them control over their credit profile, the company said.

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India having the highest number of WhatsApp users worldwide – with 487.5 million users – the WhatsApp messaging service is an integral part of the daily lives of Indian consumers.

Steps to Check Experian Credit Score on WhatsApp for Free

  • Send “Hey” to Experian India WhatsApp number +91-9920035444
  • Share some basic information, such as your name, email address, and phone number
  • Instantly receive your Experian credit score via WhatsApp
  • Request a password-protected copy of the Experian credit report which will be sent to your registered email address

Commenting on the initiative, Neeraj Dhawan, Country Manager, Experian India, said, “This is an important step in Experian’s mission to use data for good. We want consumers to have easy access to credit information and build a stronger credit ecosystem in India. As the first credit bureau in India to offer such a service, it shows our commitment to fostering financial inclusion in India.

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“By being able to check their credit scores for free via WhatsApp, Indian consumers can access their credit information in real time, helping them to make informed credit decisions, adopt good financial habits and reap the benefits maintaining a good credit rating. to improve their financial health and transform their lives,” he added.


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