Assistance with fuel, groceries and credit score. What African Bank’s New Loyalty Program Will Cover

  • African Bank recently announced its new loyalty program “Audacious Rewards”.
  • The loyalty program will allow members to earn and redeem points on everyday purchases, including groceries, fuel and exclusive rewards.
  • African Bank aims to reward customers’ positive financial behavior with a better credit rating.
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African Bank recently announced the launch of its new loyalty program, “Audacious Rewards”, aimed at making various financial services easily accessible to its customers.

According to the bank, the new loyalty program will allow its members to earn and redeem loyalty points with a network of partners instead of a single brand. This will cover points redeemable on everyday purchases, including groceries, fuel, and exclusive aspirational rewards.

The loyalty program will also reward positive financial behavior by improving customers’ credit ratings.

“Audacious Rewards” was made possible through a partnership formed between African Bank, a global leader in loyalty and engagement solutions Loylogic, and loyalty marketing powerhouse Pinnacle Rewards.

Kyros, a leading Chicago-based data and analytics company, is also on the team and will bring loyalty technology metrics to the bank’s boardrooms for the first time.

“Loylogic, Pinnacle Rewards and Kyros have successfully designed a program that meets the requirements of accessibility, inclusiveness and measurability and we look forward to our customers having access to all the benefits it will bring them.

“We view this as an integral part of our recently revealed Excelerate25 transformation strategy, through which we aim to leverage our rich heritage, diversify our business and create a customer-centric, data-driven, scalable business. and digital,” said African Bank Group Executive: Operations Darryl Adriaanzen.

The bank plans to adopt Loylogic’s innovative electronic payment platform, Pointspay, and its new engagement solution by 2023.

African Bank customers with a MyWORLD transactional account now have access to the new loyalty program, and the full rollout, including a more comprehensive rewards catalog and incentives for positive financial behavior, will launch later this year.

“We are proud to partner with African Bank and Pinnacle Rewards to create a one-of-a-kind loyalty program that has been designed with inclusivity at its core, while promoting financial wellness.

“We will use our sophisticated technology to incentivize and reward good money management, encouraging positive behaviors and supporting members on their journey to build a better life, while making the program part of memorable moments. along the way. We are on an exciting new frontier – the democratization of loyalty,” said Loylogic Chief Commercial Officer Gabi Kool.


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